This is the first blog post on this new blog of mine and to be honest, I spent the past 30 minutes trying to figure out how to post it....lets just say thats a pretty good representation of my life. This is the first of many firsts this year. This is my first blog post, so yay look at that, you did it kailee! This year was the first time I went to NYC by myself, now if you know anything about me, that might me surprising considering the fact that I practically live there.

It was also the first time I chopped off my security blanket of 16 inches of my hair. The first time I became more confident without wearing makeup. It was also the first year in my life where I really just stopped caring what other people think of me and just being me. #YouDoYou The first time applying to college, and in the future probably the first time getting a rejection letter (we all know its bound to happen). BUT The first time getting an acceptance letter (hopefully lmao). The first time I binged watched a whole show in 1 night, again, not very surprising. and hey, this is the first impression you have of me. Let's hope it wasn't horrible. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to my blog, I have absolutely no idea what I am going to write about but I think that is what makes this such a "me" blog. I hope you like this little section of the internet and enjoy wherever this goes. Just be expecting lots of baking and concert posts cause that pretty much represents me as a whole.


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