12 things I've learned through 12th grade

Page 1: A hello to whoever is reading my journal which is 100% always me

Page 2: A blank page because the page is on a weird angle lol

Page 3: Random scribbles of random objects that came across my Pinterest when I searched "What to draw", creative, I know

Page 4: Journal Entry 1: Park with Lia

Page 5: A long list of ideas that will one day be shown to the world

Page 6: A bucket list of only 3 things because there is way to many things to put on one page of paper

Page 7: A college checklist

Page 8: Writting 1: Falling

Page 9: Writting 2: the Beginning of the End

Page 10: Another batch of random doodles from a dress to a giraffe

Page 11: 12 things I've learned through 12th grade.


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