big reputation.

As most of you know, or if you don't now you do, I LOVE Taylor Swift.

Don't worry, I will refresh your memory. One of those girls who went viral for cracking an egg on my head to one of her songs...yep thats me. (just google it you'll get all your answers there lol)

Picture this. A Taylor Swift fan in the middle of NYC for the release of he newest album. THE DREAM. When it came out that there was going to be a pop-up shop here, you can best bet I lost my mind.

Now picture this. It's freezing in the middle of November and hundreds of Taylor Swift fans are lined up in Seaport ready to go into a building full of everything Reputation. How much better could life get?! Well somehow it did...

I got a DM from Taylor Swift's management about a "secret event" that was happening in NYC that Monday. It seemed unreal. I called my mom crying which made her cry, we basically had a total sob fest over this. As more details came my way she was the first person I could think of to ask to join me on this adventure.

Monday rolls around my heart has never been so excited for something. "I'm going to dinner with my mom" I tell all my friends to try and hide the fact that I was about to have the best night of my life.

Waiting outside in front of a random building in the middle of the city, other fans come and go onto busses that are taking us to a secret location. Everyone there had a completely different thought about how the night was going to go. Was Taylor going to be there? Where were we going? Were we going to lose our voices from screaming her new songs before we even got there? (the answer to question 3 was yes)

After getting wristbands, we were lead onto busses that shuttled us to her pop-up shop, but differently, we went upstairs. We were lead into a Taylor Swift like world.

Everywhere you turned there was something Taylor Swift related, every fans dream.

We were told the video viewing would be at 8:30 so around 8ish we sat down to get a good spot. We watched a few clips from different videos that she has done with Direct TV. My heart was racing because I knew that something was about to happen, I just had no clue what it was going to be.

until she came out.

She was so excited to be there with us and appreciative that we were there with her. She thanked us for buying her album and being fans for so long. At this point I was already crying because I was just so happy in that moment. But of course Taylor Swift always knows how to make an amazing moment even better.

She told us she wanted to meet and every single one of us.

After collecting myself from the news, we continued to go around the room and wait for our turn.

It was our turn to go and you all know I was freaking out but I walked into the room and was taken in by the biggest hug from one of the most important people in my life. Im not one for sharing what I talk about with people but lets just say the first things out of her mouth were "ITS SO NICE TO SEE YOU AGAIN" which left me #shook.

This night was the coolest night of my whole entire life. I was invited to THE Taylor Swift's Reputation release party. I had never been that happy in my life. I am so incredibly grateful that I was able to go and experience this.

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