*blacks out and bakes everything*

If you know anything about me it's that baking keeps me sane. If I'm not baking you can sure bet that I am watching anything on the Food Network. I've watched chopped so many times I have never seen a new episode. And don't even get me started on MasterChef Junior. I also need to give my girl Meghan Rienks a huge shoutout for being the huge inspiration she is and always posting cute instagram stories. She inspired me to document my whole day on my instagram! Anyways, every year during the holidays I bake. How much do I bake you may ask? Now that changes every year.

I have been at school without an oven for months so I knew the second I got home I would make something. 

My mom and I set out to Whole Foods where they recently changed the whole place around which really made us realize that grabbing the ice cream first was probably wasn't the brightest idea we've had. 

3 hours and a big damper in the bank account later, we had everything we needed and set home to start on this cookie journey. 



*recipe was good?? (other people seemed to like it and they did hold their shape which is perfect for cutting shapes out!)

Have I ever liked gingerbread? no. Did I Spend a total of 5 hours making gingerbread? Of course. Also a huge shoutout to Pinterest for helping me come up with ideas on shapes and how to frost. 

 Next Recipe: Chocolate Expresso

 *these were a HIT! They are so good and everyone loved them! Recipe is fine as is, no adjustments needed! 

We're onto day two after a long rest because my hand was about to fall off after frosting all my little gingerbread people. Now this recipe I was excited for because chocolate and coffee....whats not to like?? 

 and on to the next one. 

Recipe 3:

Peanut Butter

*recipe is good as it is, I totally recommend using fresh peanut butter if you have that option and I have made these with all types of flour before at it comes out fine! 

I have made this recipe many times before. It is SO simple, easy, and quick that it's always a go to. Karlie Kloss always has the best recipes and ideas, a true inspiration to me also! (also I totally recommend her recipe for squash soup I hate squash and she made me love it in this recipe) 

3 down, 2 to go. 

Recipe 4:


*recipe was great as it was! I did cut the recipe in half for my use and it worked fine, the cookies do expand a little in case you are wondering about making shapes. You also have to let the dough set for an hour just so you know! 

Sugar, spice, and everything nice?? More like sugar and spice make everything nice. These cookies are SO good, they remind me of chai tea cookies but a hard version. They are great for fall/winter time, another crowd favorite. I used the royal icing I had leftover from the gingerbread to pipe some designs on them to spice them up a little bit. 

 This is where the title of post really came alive. It's about midnight and I have been cooking all day but I was DETERMINED to finish all my recipes

Recipe 5: 


*Recipe is clear but sticky. There is nothing you can really do about it just a little frustrating (especially if you've been cooking all day already). I cut the recipe in half but I would recommend the whole recipe due to the small amount only half makes. 

I was so tired but most excited to make these. Honestly, really happy I saved them for last because it I wasn't excited to make them I probably wouldn't have. I was a little skeptical going into these because of the ingredients. almond paste and almonds were basically the whole thing. No flour at all. But it somehow worked and they are DELICIOUS. 

andddd thats a wrap on Kailee's 2017 Christmas cookies extravaganza, now if anyone needs cookies for the next few months, just hit me up. 

#cookies #baking

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