Why I don't like new year's resolutions lists

If I have learned anything from the past few years of making new year's resolution lists, it's that they really only make me feel worse about myself. Ever since I was little, I have been ambitious and I have had HUGE dreams. If I set my mind to something I have to do it. From as small as tackling a new challenging cake recipe to as big as moving to nyc, if I say I want to do it, I will. I have notebooks filled with dreams that I know will come true, I'm just not sure when. My mind is constantly coming up with new things that I want to accomplish and I am always going after what I want. It's one of my favorite qualities about myself. I never let anything get in the way of me and my dreams.

I have always had a problem with new year's resolutions lists. On the last day of the year, I sit down and in beautiful handwriting spend more time writing "new year's resolutions" on a blank page of a notebook that is already filled with my thoughts than actually writing the list. I write down 10-20 random little things that I know I will be able to accomplish because I don't want to feel like a failure by the end of the year. To be quite honest, I know multiple times I have googled "good new year's resolutions" along with the other thousands of people (yes I did do my research. The amount of people who look this exact question up almost triples in December of each year). I always wonder to myself why it is so hard to come up with these ideas when every single day I could list off a billion goals I want to accomplish. But I've recently discovered why.

I'm not sure what will be "realistic" in a week let alone the next 12 months. My life is constantly changing so fast that it's impossible to know what could happen. What happens if I win the lottery in a week, my whole list would change. If I got a job, my list would change. It's impossible to know. Why limit myself to writing goals that I want to accomplish in the next year when I could list off goals I want to accomplish by the time I die. These lists have caused me more stress than it has caused me satisfaction. I feel the need to accomplish whatever is on these lists by the end of the year so I underestimate my abilities and write down something I know I can finish.

I’m not one for new year resolution lists, so this year I'm not going to write one. I'm setting guidelines for myself. Nothing that I have to stick to, but things that can better myself. I think it’s more important to be happy with what you have succeeded in instead of worrying about needing to accomplish things. Take things that you love doing in the past and do more of them. Be happy with what you achieve but don't limit yourself. Things take time, you don't have to rush anything to make it happen in 2018, enjoy it. When you do something, don't think about how many more times you can do it, think about how now thats one more time you've done that than the year before.

Obviously, do whatever makes you happy. If making a list every year helps you accomplish things, make that list as long as you want. But if making a list isn't for you, realize that you don't need a list to make sure you accomplish things.

now go out and make those dreams happen in 2018. you can do it.

xoxo kailee

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