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If you want a little inside scoop on whats been playing on repeat since like last year, I recommend you keep reading.

If you know anything about me, you'll know that I get emotionally invested in every TV show out there within a good 2 minutes. But this one is different. Think about your favorite TV show/movie character. Most times you love that character so much because you relate to them. For most of my life, I never found that character for myself, until I met the three girls on Freeform's The Bold Type.

Without knowing much the storyline, it looks like any usual New York life working at a magazine show. But there is so much more to it...

The storyline takes place with three friends who work at the magazine Scarlet which is based of off Cosmo. We take a look into their lives as friends, as colleagues, and as strong female women. And although that storyline in itself would be extremely interesting, the writers and producers decided to make this show so important. They take on important topics and ideas that need to be addressed.

Here are a list of reasons and topics that are SO important to me and why you should watch The Bold Type if you have not so far... and I can't promise there won't be any spoilers.

1. The first major topic that is introduced is the topic of sexuality. One of the main characters, Kat, played by Aisha Dee, struggles with her sexuality. It is so important that they tackle this issue, for many people experience this throughout their lifetime. After being "straight" her whole life she falls for a women, Adena, played by Nikohl Boosheri. Playing a mid 20 year old girl, most shows show them having their life somewhat together, especially their dating life. The audience follows Kat questioning her sexual orientation, being in a real relationship, and dealing with what it means to date a women. What I think is the best part about this whole topic is how her friends help her through it. When she first brings up having feeling for a girl, her friends are supportive and help her through it. It shows the struggles and the hardships she faces.

2. The shows tackles on social issues like the immigration, sexual assault, white privilege, gun laws, breast cancer (BRCA gene), LGBTQ representation, and many more. It gives a voice to minorities and shows the struggles that they go through. They have always taken these issues seriously and, in my opinion, tackle them right. They start and conversation and open new doors so people can talk about them. This show is real and tackles issues that are happening the in the world today. As the kids would say, the show is woke. For example, when Jane Sloan, played by Katie Stevens, finds out she tested positive for the BRCA gene, he friends, her boss, and her coworkers are all willing to help her with anything. It addresses the idea of healthcare and how it is unfair that she is not covered for egg fertilization, which is something that many people would not know about if it was not for this show. I applaud the producers for using their voices to try and make a change and bring more awareness to important topics.

3. Friendship. There are so many shows out in the world that pit women against each other and this show never even goes there. They never tear each other down. They are supportive of each other and are happy for their friends when something good happens to them. They even address the issue of females tearing each other again when a co-worker slut shames Sutton, played by Meghann Fahy. There is so much negativity in the world that seeing a show that portrays a real friendship in a positive way is exactly what we need.

4. At the end of the day, the show is just really damn funny.

Heres a cute little vlog from when I saw them a while ago


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